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Pet Remedy- Calming Diffuser Refills x 2 40ml

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Pet Remedy- Calming Diffuser Refills x 2 40ml

Pet Remedy- Calming Plug Diffuser for Cats and Dogs experiencing Stress and Anxiety


An effective, inexpensive, longer lasting calming plug diffuser now available in New Zealand.

Pet Remedy contains a feline and canine attractant, which is a semiochemical that can be used to distract cats and dogs from environmental stressors.


Cats and dogs have highly developed olfactory systems and are particularly capable of detecting volatile scents.

Semiochemicals are substances that are sent and received between species for the purpose of carrying messages and affecting the behaviour of the receiver. They are defined into different classes depending on whether the interaction is inter-species or intra-species and whether the emitter or receiver benefits.

The classes include:

  1. Attractants (inter-species)

  2. Repellents (inter-species)

  3. Synomones (inter-species)

  4. Pheromones (intra-species)

  5. Kairomones (inter-species)

Enriching the environment of cats with an attractant led to significantly higher occurrence of sleeping, less stress related grooming behaviours and increased play.

Olfactory enrichment has been shown to help rescue shelter dogs relax, with more time spent resting and less vocalising, restlessness and stress related yawning.



  • Lasts up to 60 days per 40ml refill

  • Cost effective

  • Available as a plug-in diffuser, calming spray, calming wipes

  • Starts to help immediately


Valerian oil, Vetiver oil, Sage oil, Basil oil, Limones, Vetiverols