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Advantage for cats and rabbits over 4kg 6 Pack

Brand: Bayer
Product Code: ADVA 11
Reward Points: 53
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Advantage for cats and rabbits over 4kg 6 Pack

Advantage is convenient, easy to use topical flea treatment that lasts for one month


Contains: 100g/L imidacloprid  

Key Benefits: 

  • -Easy to apply topical flea treatment lasting for 4 weeks 

  • -Starts working within 20 minutes of application and kills 98-100% of the fleas on your pet after 12 hours 

  • -Advantage kills adult fleas as well as flea egg, larvae and pupae in the pet's surrounding that come into contact with your treated pet. 

  • -It is absorbed into the oily/fatty layer of your pets skin meaning it kills fleas on contact so they don’t have to bite your pet to die – resulting in less painful flea bites for your pet  

  • -Can be used as part of a treatment plan for flea allergy dermatitis